vivekmoyal asked:

I am new to any PHP framework. I am not able to decide which framework should i use. At last i decided to 4 5 frameworks and still confused (CI, Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP, Smarty) i read your article 12-reasons-you-should-switch-from-codeigniter-to and i found somewhere CI is too old and laravel is an advanced part of Symphony and smarty is not a good choice so please suggest me in 4 (CI, Laravel, Symphony, Cake PHP) I am new have to start with scratch

Hey vivekmoyal, thanks for reading my post and asking the question. It really depends on what you are trying to do. In the end, what it comes down to is: What makes you most productive? All three are robust and flexible frameworks. Are you comfortable with the command line? All of the frameworks below require set up of command line tools, introduce build dependencies via composer, etc. That adds to the list of things you have to learn and makes the curve steeper. I personally like Laravel the best. I’ve tried both CakePHP and Symfony but never really caught on. Have a look here for a comparison between the two to see what works best for you.

Almost always the answer is: Don’t start from scratch. Likely, other people have done the work for you already, so be sure you search github for what you are trying to do and see if you can use their code. More recently, I’ve begun to move my sites to Processwire. I need to post a write-up about my experience, but I’ve found that pw is really great and does most of what I need to do. Then again, my use cases are almost always CMS’es, not custom full-stack apps.

So my advice is: If you want to build a content management system, don’t. Try processwire first. If you are interested in learning about a really lean and clean framework and study great code, go with Laravel. If you need to build a large production app, likely Symfony will work best.

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be glad to help.